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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 22:49

The Movements of Finishing the Exercise

Exercise 1
To Rub Your Face
The order of the movements conducted is as follows:
1. After rubbing the centers of your palms to generate heat, rub them again in a rotating way to produce higher heat. When they are still hot, wipe your face.
2. Close your eyes, Push upwards along your nosewing with the middle fingers of your hands through the place between the eyebrows, then push your palms left and right respectively above your eyebrows, at last move your palms down your cheeks.
3. The movements of rubbing face should be conducted 20 times altogether.

This exercise can promote the blood circulation of your face, revive the skin cells and the lubricious gloss of your face, reduce the wrinkles on your face, prevent your skin from being loose and the cells from premature aging. It has the functions of improving your looks, the degradation of smelling sense and acute or chronic rhinitis. It can prevent the cold, too. To the person who has facial nerve paralysis, it is helpful for him to recover his nerves by rubbing his face with his hands often.

Exercise 2
To Massage Your Eye pits and Rub the Temple
The order of the movements conducted is as follows:
1. After rubbing your face 20 times, push your forefingers and middle fingers through the place between your eyebrows and the ends of your eyebrow ridges (above the eyebrows), then press and rub the place around your eye pits 20 times in a circular way.
2. Wipe your eyelids 20 times lightly.
3. Press and rub the temples at the ends of your eyes 20 times in a circular way with your forefingers and middle fingers.
4. Pat your closed eyeballs with your forefingers and your middle fingers.
5. Cover your closed eyeballs tightly with your forefinger and middle finger for a while at last.

The exercise can be beneficial to your eyesight and reduce your crow’s feet. It has the preventive and hygienic effect upon hemicrania, eyebrow arris bone-ache, the failure and the fuzziness of eyesight, myopia, presbyopia and various kinds of eye illnesses.

Exercise 3
To Rub and Knead on the Place behind Your Eyes in a Pressing Way
The order of the movements conducted is as follows:
Clench the root of your front teeth to make the temple protrude outwards. Give a dense rub and knead to the temples, the two sides of the head and the hindbrains behind your ears and press with the heels of your hands and hypothenars. Then rub and knead on the yifeng points just behind your earlobes densely with the angles of your palms ten times. Finally, press fengchi points, located in the pits under your hindbrains, and neck muscles ten times. It is all right to press the fengchi points and neck muscles with the combination of your forefinger, middle finger and ring finger, too.

The practice is good for your eyesight and your head, promotes the brain blood circulation, activates the brain cell, elevates the spirit, invigorates the blood circulation, eases the discomfort of the cold, and benefits the brain. It has the function to prevent the trigeminal neuralgia, migraine, dizziness, Hypertension, stroke, motor neuron obstacles, endocrine obstacles, tinnitus, and a congested nose.