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Exercise 4
To pat the head
  The order of the movements conducted is as follows:
Pat the place around Baihui (GV 20) in the middle of the top of the head in a heavier way after in a lighter way. You can pat there with the centers of your palms, the sides of your fists, your hollow fists, or your ten fingers. The place where you feel uncomfortable can be patted more.

Patting the head can promote the blood circulation of the brain, activate the brain cells, inspire the brain nerve, excite the spirit, increase the function of the panniculus of cerebral cortex, unclog the congested blood in the head and relax the nerve. It has the function to be good for your brain and prevent stroke, hypertension, habitual headache, dull pain, headache caused by a cold, forgetfulness, insomnia, or neurasthenia.

Exercise 5
To rub and draw the ears with the hands 

The order of the movements conducted is as follows:
Use the forefinger to press the tragus ten times with your mouth open a little after rubbing and drawing the whole helixes and earlobes with the thumbs and forefingers ten times, and then rub and draw ears with the hands ten times again.

Function -
The whole ears have close relations with all the passages in the body through which vital energy and blood circulates.
The ear has 18 areas. Every area has direct relations with viscera. There are more than 100 acupuncture points on the ears. Every acupuncture point cures different diseases. It exists that ears have multiple connections with every organ in your body to form a unified organism. Therefore rubbing and drawing your helix and earlobe with the hands can inspire the passages through which vital energy circulates in your whole body, reflect to the organ which needs adjusting and perform the function of curing, preventing your disease or promoting your longevity. Especially, it is more necessary for those who suffer from tinnitus, dizziness, ear diseases and hearing problems to rub and draw the ears.  
As the old saying puts it: the creator hides the arcane truth in the small auricles. Rubbing and pressing them frequently keeps the serious diseases away from you.
According to the Modern medical experiment, there are close relations between external ear and viscera organ. The relation between the distribution of the human viscera and acupuncture points on the ears are roughly like an upside-down foetus in the uterus, who coils in the auricle. It is totally like the epitome of a human body as it is showed in the below figure.

Exercise 6
To Rub You in the Back Neck

The order of the movements conducted is as follows:
Press and rub the neck muscles in the cavities along the both sides of your hindbrain down with the center of your left-hand palm and your right-hand one 20 times in turn, meanwhile chew your mouth and swallow your saliva.   

Function -
The exercise can soften the stiffness of the neck, comfort the backbone and benefit the head and the eyes. It also has the function of preventing 落枕(the neck pain). Rubbing the neck muscles, which has the function of invigorating their blood circulation, can alleviate the discomfort caused by the headache, the ache of the neck muscles, dizziness, blood pressure, cold, scapular pains, the ache and paralysis of the arm .patting them with the backs of the two palms can relieve the above-mentioned pains, too.

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