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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 21:41
Exercise 7
To Rub you in the Front Neck

To use the part between the thumb and forefinger of your right-hand and left-hand palms to rub you in the front neck from Adam's apple under your chin down 20 times in turn.

The practice has the function of clearing the lungs (清肺)、discharging fire and moistening the throat. It also has the preventive and constitutional functions of illnesses such as cough, the inflammation of bronchus, throat and vocal cord, tonsillitis and those caused by endocrine disorder of thyroid gland and parathyroid gland.

Exercise 8
To Pat you on the chest and its back

Stand with your feet apart and your chest included a little while you pat your chest with the center of your right-hand palm and your back with the back of your left-hand palm. Pat them 20 times with your right hand and your left one in this way alternatively. It is improper to square your shoulders while doing the movements.

This practice can inspire the nerves in your chest and back. It has the functions of preventing or constituting diseases such as heart, lungs, dyspnea, cough, asthma, chest ache, chest discomfort, shoulder pain and backache. 。

Exercise 9
To Pat You on the waist and the belly

Stand with your feet apart and your diaphragm pressed down with a little force while inhaling.
Pat you in the abdomen with the center of your right-hand palm and your waist with the back of your left-hand palm in turn at the same time. Pat them 20 times.
When the belly and waist is patted, the patting order is the place under the navel, the place on the navel and the place above the navel.

This practice can enrich the pubic region with the energy, strengthen your waist and kidneys, better your muscles and bones and benefit your stomach and intestines. It has the function of regulating the flow of vital energy to invigorate blood circulation of intestines, stomach and waist etc. and to improve weak vitality, cold extremities and the related chronic diseases and aches..