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Exercise 10
To Pat you on the Ribs under the arms
The order of the movements conducted is as follows:
While patting the left-side ribs with the center of the right-hand palm, the left arm is lifted. While patting the right-side ribs with the center of the left-hand palm, the right arm is lifted. The right ribs and left ones are patted downwards 20 times respectively.
While patting shoulders and arms, the center of your palm faces upward and pat them from the top down to the fingers, then turn the center of your palm downward and pat them from the fingers up to shoulders.
Finally, pat the place where you have not patted in the upper part of your body,.

The practice can smooth the liver, regulate the flow of vital energy, relieve the repressed feeling, clear the stagnant chi (energy) in the chest, harmonize the stomach and make the intestines stronger. To those who suffer from the neuralgia between ribs, chest pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, and arm paralysis, it has the function to invigorate the blood circulation and relax the muscles there.


Exercise 11
To pat you on the legs and waist

Works -
Stand shoulder-wide with your two legs separated.
1. Bend over and pat the waist and sacral vertebrae 20 times with the centers of your palms.
2. Pat from the buttocks down to the heels along the bladder channels behind your two legs.
3. Pat upwards along the inside parts of your legs, where the liver, spleen, kidney channels go.
4. Pat downwards along the outside parts of your legs, where the gallbladder channels run.
5. Pat upwards along the front parts of your legs, where the stomach channel passes, to finish the practice.
Then stand up slowly and take a deep breath. The buttocks arise first and stand up loosely and naturally with your eyes closed a little. Try to appreciate that kind of relaxed and comfortable feeling.
This practice can make your waist and kidneys stronger. It is all right to practice it alone. You shouldn’t pat the sides of your waist where your kidneys are located.

This exercise can strengthen waist and kidneys, cultivate and solidify the vital energy and have the function to increase virility. It has the preventive function to the injury of the lumbar vertebrae, waist neuralgia, waist sprain, back sprain, inability to bend or stretch, the ache or limp of waist bone, the contraction or numbness of waist and legs, sciatica and weak sex function, etc,. To pat the lumbar vertebrae has the stimulating function to the secretion of the adrenal gland hormone, too.

Exercise 12
To rotate your two knees

Stand with your two feet apart, your body bent over and your hands put on your knees. Rotate your knees ten times inwards, and then rotate them ten times outwards.
Stand with your legs closed together, your body bent over and your hands put on your knees. Rotate your knees left ten times and then, rotate right ten times.
No matter you rotate your knees inwards or outwards, you should exhale with your abdomen lowered and your perineum loosen on squatting down. You should inhale with your belly contracted and your perineum raised on pulling yourself up.
Those who have suffered from injured knees or are well advanced in years don’t have to squat down too low with an effort.
This practice can train the tenaciousness and endurance of leg muscles and the flexibility of every leg joints. It benefits those who have suffered from the stiffness of the muscles and bad blood circulation in the low limbs. It can promote the blood to flow back to the heart rapidly and strengthen the circulation of the supersession. This practice is also called the pelvic sport, which can strengthen the shrinkage of rectum sphincter and vagina. To those who suffer from the prolapses of the anus, rectum or uterus, vaginal detrusor underactivity, urinary incontinence, urinary-related disorders and benign prostatic hypertrophy, it has the contractive and elevated function.

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