Exercise 6 Gathering Energy by Swinging your Hands Forward and Backward Print
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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 16:48

Preparatory posture
The movements of your feet, number of times of your breathing and points for attention are as same as those stated in exercise 5, but your hands should hang on the outer sides of your legs respectively in the exercise. When your body moves forward, your hands swing forward accordingly. When your body moves backward, your hands swing backward accordingly, too.

The most primitive, natural and effective sport of mankind is to walk with your hands swinging forward and backward in turn. It can strengthen the muscles of your buttocks, legs and waist in your low limbs and the contraction and expansion of their blood vessels, which can promote body heat, stimulate the 70% body blood in your low limbs to flow back to the heart rapidly and enlarge the blood vessels to accelerate the blood flow. Owing to the smooth flow of the blood in the body, the sediments in it and the blockages of its circulation can be eliminated to prevent the blood from being stagnant in your low limbs.   

The practice not only can help the blood circulation, but also can make the muscles in your low limbs firm and flexible to increase the wriggling ability of the intestines and promote metabolism and the function of heart and lungs. All of these contribute to your health. A western proverb says: If you walk ten thousand steps a day, you will take the first in health.   
Su-miau Suun, a well-known doctor of Tang Dynasty, indicated: If a man becomes old, his legs become old first. If a man’s kidneys become grow deficient, his knees are soft first.

The exercise imitates the dynamic study of living animals at the beginning. It is one of the mankind's primitive and instinctive sports. The special point of the practice lies in “walking with hands swinging” regularly in the place where you stand. Not only it is easy to learn it, but it has the function of preventing and curing diseases.

The practice enriches the pubic region in your navel belly with Chi energy constantly by the movements of walking with hands swinging backward and forward, which make the pressure of the belly increase rhythmically and lead energy to both of your palms along the meridians, Because both of your hands must be swung forward and backward, the biological magnetism and electricity is lured to attract and guide each other. Because both of your hands must be swung vertically, the blood capillary is expanded, the velocity of blood flow is accelerated, the chi energy and the blood flows to your palms and fingers in a wink and ignites the conduction of the neural electric potential, you will feel warm, rough, bloated and slightly stinging immediately in both of your two palms, this is so-called ' the effect of the sense of chi energy '.

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