Exercise 7 Gathering Energy by Moving as if you Turned a Millstone Print
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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 16:36

Preparatory posture:
The movements of your feet and number of times of your breathing are as same as stated in exercise 5 and 6, but the stride of the front foot is twice as long as that stated in exercise 5 instead.

Before the exercise begins, raise your downward palms up to the height of your waist with the tips of your elbows behind your body. Your arms and elbows are a little apart away from your body.
The procedures of the exercise:
Stretch out your hands with the centers of your palms kept face down, your body leaned forward, your chest enclosed a little, your breath inhaled, your perineum raised and your belly contracted.
Push both of your arms and palms aside in the contrary direction and make waist-high arcs outwards respectively with your perineum relaxed, your breath exhaled, and your body leaned back. As soon as you are in a stand-up position with your chest expanded a little, turn your palms downward at both sides of your waist immediately and begin the second round practice.

When leaning forward, you chest shouldn’t exceed the tiptoes of your front foot and your palms always kept waist-high. When your stretch out your arms and make an arc, your palms always are kept waist high.

The old saying says: If you wish to live longer, you should practice breathing deeply. Chi energy is the medicine for prolonging your life, saliva is a medical pill for continuing your life. The exercise is a kind of sport which can expand the chest and rub the belly, strengthen the vital capacity, improve the utilization ratio of the oxygen abundantly and prevent the organization of the lungs from fibrosis and withering, the soft ribs from hardening and losing elasticity and the muscles of the chest from withering which will influence its expansible strength and breathing amount.

The exercise also can stabilize the power of heart and the flow of blood, unblock the blood circulation, increase the oxygen content in the blood in order to activate cells and prevent the blood and vital energy from stagnation and cells from premature aging. The lungs are the master of breath (air); the heart is the master of blood. The Chi energy and the blood in the body are vigorous, and the physical strength is plentiful. Chi energy is the foundation of physical strength. If the lungs are strong, the physical strength is prosperous. If the lungs are weak, the physical strength is delicate.

Where there is an idea, there is energy. Where there is energy, there is physical strength. If you can practice the exercise day by day to gather energy, essence and spirit, your ideas, energy and physical strength will be converged to reinvigorate you. If your physical strength is abundant, you are in a good mood every day. If you are energetic, the efficiency of your managing an affair will be improved. In practicing the exercise, the actions should be elegant and emphasis should be laid more on attention than on strength. It can make the lower half of your body stable and increase the strength of your belly and waist. Your body will somewhat respond to the magnetism and electricity of the biological energy, which is discharged as soon as you make arcs with your palms.

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