Exercise 8 Gathering Energy by Moving like a Pupa Print
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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 16:21

Preparatory posture:
Stand with your parallel feet wider than your shoulders, your backward palms hung naturally beside your thighs and a smile on your face.

The procedures of the exercise:
Step 1:
Raise your hands high up to the waist with the centers of your palms turned downward, Protrude your buttocks backward with your fingertips hung downward a little behind them and your knees kept oblique and straight.
Step 2:
Relax yourself all over as possible as you can, and bend your knees forward a little with your chest enclosed a little, your palms hung naturally around your knees, your belly relaxed downward, and your breath exhaled.
Step 3:
Use the strength of your waist and belly to pull your body up with your belly contracted upward, your perineum raised, your breath inhaled almost at the same time. The movements you pull yourself up are conducted as if a pupa did.
Step 4:
As soon as you are in a stand-up position again with your chest expanded, go on practicing the movements of step 1, step 2 and step 3 orderly in an orderly and circulatory way.

The successively circulatory movements should be conducted 50 times once.
In order to press and massage the viscera by itself, the strength of your waist and belly should be used to swing forward and backward, pull up and put down your body.

This exercise can strengthen the system of nerve center. It has the function to stabilize and normalize the motions, conductivities and feeling responses of cervical nerve, thoracic nerve, waist nerve, recommending nerve, end nerve and sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve, etc... It can develop the conductivity of neural electricity potential to make the neural response sharp, because all spinal nerves pierce out through the holes in the spine to reach four limbs, internal organs and the other organs they control.
The exercise is really the motions of the spine and rubbing and pressing the viscera, an omni-orientated mobilization sport of every big system of human body, a sport of tracing to the source of human life and the source of the running water of life.

The activities of the neural electricity potential control the internal organs. It can increase the vital capacity of the respiratory system, strengthen the heart function of the cardiovascular system to increase the blood flow, enhance the eliminating function of the urinary system, augment the function of rubbing and protect the liver to those who suffer from its pathological changes and malfunctions. To those who suffer from the pathological changes of intestines and stomach, the bloated air in them will disappear, and the function of their absorption and digestion will be bettered. It can improve the sex function, especially the prostate gland. It can make some positive improvements in the pathological changes of woman’s uterus function and facilitate the lymph circulatory system.

Because the sport of moving like a pupa is a kind of viscera massage, it can dispel stagnant air, accumulated blood and blocked blood of viscera by contracting, loosening, pressing and rubbing them up and down. If the Chi energy and the blood flow in the body run smoothly, the circulatory system can be maintained normally. The hormone the internal system secretes can offer the organs to invigorate them, too.

To those who suffer from pains in the loins and back, sciatica, or the paralysis of the extremities, which are caused by shifting vertebra, outstanding intervertebral discs, or osseous hyperplasia, the exercise helps to correct the vertebra slowly and imperceptibly to get the result of self-rehabilitation by protruding, contracting, dragging and pulling the whole body.

The exercise has the function to make the muscle group of the belly and waist stronger, increase their toughness and elasticity to protect the backbone and share the supporting strength of the lumbar vertebrae. Those who practice the art of personal attack and defense from ancient times pay special attention to the stability of the lower half of his body and the toughness and flexibility of his waist and belly as if it were an elastic ball. The exercise is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get great result in preserving good health and building up body.

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