Exercise 9 Gathering Energy by Practicing as if a Toad Swam Print
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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 16:14

Preparatory posture:
Stand loosely and naturally all over with your feet, knees and legs closed together.

The procedures of the exercise:
Step 1:
While protrude your buttocks backward with your body bent over a little, your chest enclosed a little and your legs kept in a straight and oblique way, lift your palms high up to both sides of your waist with them kept face down. You pose as if you were in a position to jump into a swimming pool.
Step 2:
Relax yourself all over as possible as you can. Squat down with your heels lifted up a little, your hands stretched out toward your knees, your belly relaxed, and your breath exhaled. The weight of your body falls almost entirely on the transverse arches.
Step 3:
As soon as you turn your palms outwards respectively and push them aside to make two arcs, pull your body up with your perineum raised, your belly contracted and your breath inhaled. The movements of making the arcs begin with a rowing motion and end with the posture of step 1.  
Step 4:
While you are in a stand-up position,
As soon as the heels of your feet fall on the ground with your chest expanded a little, your buttocks are protruded backwards and the centers of your palms are rotated face down beside your waist almost at the time. At this time, you are in the position described in step 1.

The movements described in the four steps mentioned above should be accomplished without a stop. The successively circulatory movements should be conducted 50 times once.

The exercise needs a lot of physical strength to practice. Its motions influence your whole body. It can strengthen the function and tolerance of the heart and lungs, increase the vital capacity, improve the cardiovascular system and open your chest to make breathing unobstructed. Besides, it can expand the chest to make it bosomy and its muscles well-developed. It has an effect on thinning waists, losing weight, taking away the proud flesh of the belly, reducing the waistline and rubbing and pressing viscera. It can strengthen the defensive function of the circulatory system of lymphoid tissue.

The exercise can make the liver strong and benefit the stomach and the digestion. It can prevent you from dizziness, a headache, neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia and a stiff neck. Besides, it can adjust hypotension and hypertension, relax the muscles, stimulate the blood circulation, strengthen the muscles and bones and increase the tolerance and extended tension of the muscles and the tendon of the shank. This exercise combines the exercise of ‘gathering energy by moving as if you turned a millstone’ with that of ‘gathering the energy by moving like a pupa’. Its subsidiary and complementary function helps to prevent and cure muscle rheumatism and ached joint.