Exercise 10 Gathering Energy by Swinging your Arms Upward and Downward Print
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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 16:10

Preparatory posture:
Stand loosely and naturally with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, your eyebrows unfolded and a smile on your face.

The procedures of the exercise:
Step 1:
Swing your arms above your head with the centers of your palms kept face down, your chest expanded a little and your breath inhaled.
Step 2:
Swing your palms downward with your chest enclosed a little and your breath exhaled...

The movements described in the two steps mentioned above should be accomplished in a natural and successive way. Emphasis should be laid more on attention than on strength. The practice should be conducted 50 times once.

This exercise can elate your spirit, get rid of your fatigue, develop the muscle of your chest and arm and strengthen the peripheral blood circulation of your arms. It has the function to  prevent and cure periarthritis humeroscapularis (肩周病) 、shoulder joint difficulty抬肩困難、the paralysis of the fingers(手指麻痺)and can make the diaphragm called the second heart pump of human body, flexible even more, substantiate the strength of the pubic region, improve the pressure of the belly, accelerate the vein blood to flow back to heart and better blood circulation and metabolism.