Exercise 11 Expanding your Arms Print
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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 16:03

Procedures of the exercise:
Preparatory posture:
After the completion of the exercise mentioned above, cross your right palm over your left one in front of your chest with the centers of your palms faced forward and your fingertips a little lower than your nose.

Step 1: to stretch out your arms
Stretch out your arms immediately and push them aside with your chest expanded.    

Step 2: to close your arms inward
As soon as your arms are at the two sides of your shoulders, turn the centers of your palms forward and close your straight arms inward with your chest enclosed a little and your breath inhaled.

Step 3:
As soon as your straight arms meet each other in front of your chest, pull them back at the place where the centers of your palms cross stated as that in step 1 and go on practicing the next round of the exercise.

The arms always move on the imaginable and shoulder-high surface.
The practice should be done 50 times once in a successive way.

This exercise can expand your chest, square your shoulders, and make your chest abundant. It can make the muscles of your chest, shoulders and back stronger and more flexible to increase their endurance. It benefits those who are flat and thin in the chest and suffer from hyperplasia. Besides, it has the function to prevent and cure sore shoulders and back, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, arm-lifting difficulty and the stiffness, sores or asthenia of shoulder joint because it can increase the vital capacity and the function of the heart.