Exercise 13 Turning your Waist and Buttocks with your Elbow Crooked Print
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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 15:48

The exercise follows the tenth swinging arms. As soon as you squat a little on the right-hand side, swing your right hand on your left shoulder and put it down. Later immediately, swing your left hand on your right shoulder and turn the center of its palm horizontal, shoulder-high and extrovert, Your vertical right palm pushes your left-pulled horizontal left one left with your waist and your curved right leg turned left at the same time. Both palms end with clenching fists.

The movements of pushing, pulling and clenching always are kept at a shoulder-high level. When you turn your waist and leg, your head shouldn’t be kept unturned.

Your right hand and left one alternate with each other in conducting the movements of pushing, pulling and clenching with both of your elbows crooked. The practice should be conducted 50 times once in a successive way.

When conducting the movements of pushing, pulling and clenching, you should sink your shoulders, squat a little, bend your knees a little and turn your waist and buttocks in order to bring your interior strength into full play.

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