Exercise 14 Moving You Belly Counter-Clockwise after Clockwise Print
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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 15:32

Preparatory posture:
After finishing the last exercise, stand upright and begin rotating your belly immediately.

The procedures of the exercise:
Step 1: to rotate your belly clockwise
When you rotate your belly clockwise, lift and contract your belly with your perineum raised on the right; turn it clockwise and put it down on the left with your belly relaxed and your perineum loosen in a slow and light way.
Step 2: to rotate your belly counter-clockwise
When you rotate your belly counter-clockwise, the way of the movement is the same as those stated above

It is suggested that the belly be rotated ten times from left to right after it is done ten times from right to left.
 When the exercise is finished, swing your waist and buttocks left and right ten times respectively with all easiness. After completion of the swinging movements, Raise your hollow fists and fling your opened fists downward five times respectively.

The exercises of swinging your arms around, turning your waist and buttocks with your elbow crooked and rotating you belly counter-clockwise after clockwise are continuous movements. They must be accomplished without any letup. Each exercise has its own function:
The three types of swinging Your Arms around:
Swinging the arms around can loose shoulders, activate such the joints as arms, shoulders, elbows and wrists, ease muscles, invigorate blood circulation, expand the blood capillary, unobstructed blood flow, reduce the paralysis and alleviate the pain. The second type of swinging arms with loose waist and belly has the function of reducing the waistline and dispelling the superfluous meat of waist. The third type of swinging arms is the essential method of gathering the energy and increasing interior strength. It can make the muscles of the legs and the belly stronger, harder and tougher as if they were balls with greatly rebounding strength.

If you want the strength stronger, the energy must be refined through gathering it and be concentrated on the pubic region of your navel and belly to form a “center of human being's electric chi-energy group”. Human being's electric chi-energy, after being induced and guided, is emanated through the limbs and the channels in the body from the pubic region of the belly. It is commonly called as the emission of internal chi-energy or “emitting chi-kung”

Turning your waist and buttocks with your elbow crooked:
The exercise has the movements of pushing, pulling, clenching and dodging. It is not only agile but ductile with strength. It is combined with the practice of the three types of swinging your arms around, which can drive the movements of your waist, buttocks, knees and legs, strengthen the muscle group of your belly, and the tenaciousness and tolerance of the muscles of your back and waist and increase the supporting strength of the lumbar. It has the function of protecting the vertebra.

Moving you belly counter-clockwise after clockwise:
It can increase the wriggling of the intestines, help digestion and dispel the stagnant air, constipation, accumulated blood and tumor. It also can rub the liver, make it stronger and improve the physiological hindrance of a man’s sex function and a woman’s uterus and ovary. The viscera are pressed and rubbed to stimulate and invigorate the circulation of chi-energy and blood, to accelerate the vein blood to flow back to the heart and to promote the function of metabolism. The strong movements of the belly can accelerate the burning and oxidization of the fat, dispel the superfluous meat of the waist, belly and underbelly and reduce the waistline to form a thin waist and a graceful and vigorous stature, particularly for women.