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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 14:50
Preparatory posture:
Stand loosely and naturally with your parallel feet shoulder-wide, the place between the eyebrows unfolded and a smile on your face.

Your hands are flagging beside your legs respectively with the centers of your palms faced backwards.

The steps of the exercise:
Tremble up and down all over regularly with your perineum raised a little and all of your muscles relaxed. Pay special attention not to exert yourself to cause the muscles to be tense

After trembling for a period of time, stop trembling in a gradual way. As soon as you come to a total halt, inhale through your nose three times and sigh three times through your mouth in a soundless and relaxed way. When sighing, imagine that all of your diseases radiate or eliminate out of the pores of your body and then stand still for a while without thinking of anything.

At last, inhale deeply five times to sink Chi energy into the pubic region of your belly for storage, where the energy is bred as the movements for finishing the exercise.

The life exists in ‘motions’ and ‘energy’. Everything from such a big thing as the whole universe to such a small thing as the fundamental particle has vibrating and energy-produced characteristics. Where there are no vibration and energy, there is no life. If there were no billions of years of vibrations, impacts and the changes of the earth’s crust in the boundless land, it was impossible to produce anything on earth and there is no human existence, too. Herewith, the origin and existence of the life are all related to vibration. Many a static things can be unobstructed and produce new appearance and vitality after vibration. Every organ of human body is in vibration around the clock. Because the ceaseless vibrations of the heart push fresh blood to the end of blood capillaries, and goes through their walls to penetrate into organs to nourish and invigorate the cells of every organization, life can go on from generation to generation.

The reason why human body can be maintained is that every organ and every organization conduct their inherent movements day and night to promote metabolism, maintain the relative balance and stability of the environment in the body. If the cardiovascular system is hindered, which is called ' the stagnation of vital energy ' and ' the silt of blood ' in Chinese medicine, vascular sclerosis and blood viscosity will be increased. If the blood could not flow smoothly to the extent of the lack of the blood in the cells of organizations, it would cause the pathological changes and failures of viscera

The research of the modern medicine indicates that the trembling method of flexibility can expand the blood capillaries, reduce the resistance around blood vessels and lighten the burden of the heart. It also can make the blood flow of small circulation(微循環) in the whole body adjust the distribution by itself and increase the penetrating nature of skin capillaries to reduce the intensity of the connective tissue of muscle and blood vessels. All materials of immune antibodies and lymph liquid permeate through the intervals of organizations to bring the role of its due antibody into full play as the blood flows. It is all right to conduct the exercise alone. No matter what exercise you may conduct, the effect will be better if the trembling exercise is added to it.
As soon as your body trembles, the blood flow of peripheral skin circulation is increased and accelerated. The number of the blood capillaries opened must be augmented. The cells will speed up its motions. The radiation and intensity of biological energy are strengthened, but it will reduce as you stop trembling. A lot of chronic diseases originate in ‘the obstructed energy and blood’ caused by bad small circulation. The quality of organs produces pathological changes, necroses and some anxious syndromes etc, as time passes. The formation of the tumor and the cancer is reciprocal causation. As the old saying says, ‘it is difficult for a celestial doctor to cure the psychological disease. It is impossible to buy good health with gold. No one knows what the sufferings are before he is sick. To be busy in doing exercise will benefit you when you are healthy.’ Prevention is better than cure. It really can give you an added bonus to spare a little time for the trembling exercise

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