Tainan IRS employees who repair chain movement to build 17 three-month physical fitness method comparison Print
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Wednesday, 03 June 2009 00:50

The IRS employees at the ninety - five years five to August this year, every Monday afternoon four to five, gbof, magmu, utilization of conference room 2B heaith megnet, although time Li chengzhong, Ph. d., creation of bio - energy medical qigong fitnese 17 of the implementation Committee tain shenyany jianchangyin unggi instructorthe Vice Chairman of the social welfare group, Mr. instructorthe xianhai Jackie in person at a guide, three months of practicing.


By practicing before and after the North of danshui for practicing 59 students test their body composition analysis and evaluation of the project contains gripping power and endurance, flexibility, Cardiopulmonary endurance of assessment.


Evolved over the past three months of practicing after test results assessment and analysis, display the various positive assessment rendered civiliza, although only three months of training, trainees a variety of jiquanand has enhanced trends, such as discipline, cannot be sustained on physical fitness and health will have great benefits.

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