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You are here The 17 motions of the health sport Exercise 3 Gathering Energy by Standing on Toes and heels in turn
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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 17:01

Preparatory posture:
Stand loosely and naturally with your parallel feet shoulder-wide apart, your hands hung on both sides of your legs, and a smile on your face. 

The procedures of the exercise:
Step 1:
Inhale with your diaphragm pressed down, lift your heels with two legs straight and upright, raise your perineum and clamp the buttocks and legs all at the same time. The muscles of the whole buttocks and legs are kept tough, tensile and flexible.
Step 2:
Return to the preparatory posture, exhale with your body relaxed all over.
Step 3:
Lower your hands a little along the seams of your trousers’ legs, and lift your tiptoes with the buttocks protruded backward, the belly contracted inwards and the perineum raised a little.
In this way, standing on toes and standing on heels does 50 times each in turn.

The exercise can stimulate the Chi energy in the meridians of your heels to flow upward, strengthen the muscles of your whole legs, increase the blood circulation in the legs and improve the blockage of the micro (小)circulation in low limbs.
Every time you lift your heels, the breath flows up to the position of the navel belly. The biological energy of the pubic region of navel belly can be stored there, and then the energy radiates and circulates along the channels in the body, which are called meridians in the West. You will have a strong feeling especially when the energy flows towards the crown of the head along the governor vessel and the conception vessel.

The exercise drives your belly up and down by alternating between lifting your heels and lifting your tiptoes so as to massage it. It can prevent such diseases as male loose gland, female uterus tumor, urinal and reproductive systems, digestive and secretive systems.

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