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2008 International Chinese Medicine, New Technology, New Management Summit
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Wednesday, 24 June 2009 20:06
97 May 18 Japan Center Dr. Li Chengzhong president and his wife, as well as the Center for cadres GUO Peng-fei, president of the National Association coach and his wife, and Huang Ping, vice president, Huang Chao-shun, Chen Li poetry, the Secretary-General Kim Chong films, chairman of the Tainan District Preservation Xie, Nantou Association of traditional cultural and educational district Lin Tien, the new business district more than a total of cadres, and invited to participate in the China Medical University, Taichung leave the International Conference organized by the Office of the "2008 new technologies and international medical management experts Summit Forum," the General Assembly.
The Summit Forum by the International Institute of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University, Taiwan, Macau Kiang Wu Hospital, Tianjin, China Medical University, South Korea South Korea Hospital Association jointly sponsored the contractor Taiwan and China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The General Assembly was opened by the China Medical University Mr. Huang Rong Village, the International Association of Chinese Medicine Zhong Xiang, chaired the meeting, such as Lin Jaung-geng 20 published a well-known experts and scholars on clinical medicine of new technologies, the participants benefited.
Dr. Li Chengzhong of papers published, "muscles of the thermal effect and mechanism of the role of" full text of the article published in the session of the General Assembly of the "Forum of Chinese Medicine" in 2008, Volume 3 No. 3 of 213.
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