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"tongfeng hypertention improved" Tainan District 11 coach training Mr LEE Ming - hsun
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Sunday, 24 May 2009 00:35

doing construction co., Ltd., has been 18 years, starting from scratch, in order to tailor early career is still a doctorate, socializing and drinking sequuel mini-line to stay up late writing the paper to the neglect of health, resulting in serious tongfeng, hypertention, every time gout to hospital diedazhitong needle, fanciers dozens of Chinese and Western medicine and remedies are ineffective, the worst they can treat the symptoms but was unable to tackle the problem at dispensewith.

We are fortunate, haoyou to introduce the bio - energy medical qigong, "the rockets'initial lead hold chosen mentality, every day to Xiaodong Park field training, symptoms of improvementin rules…… miracles, from three meals a day to the medication gradually become every three days to take medicine once, and uric acid, from 12 be reduced to a standard value of 7, and even doctors are really amazed by the magic for himself; more excitement, previous knee as a result of injuries, has been unable to squatted down, fearing that the rest might result in mobility, rely on canes, unexpected, training and a half years later, and ³¯¯e to be detrimental to the knees bent completely squatting knees, squatted down when no longer have" clicked "sound, hemocirculatory improvementin to ensure a smooth complexion, black-eyed also disappeared, friends say i become young.

ongoing training, health, become normal get-togethers fewer, thinner, less weight full five kilograms in total, entireday bodv lithe lot, ESPRIT; more exciting is that in the past have always wanted to give up smoking are unable to quit, after practicing qigong, creepin rightok, become finally puffsmoke lost his wife are i can't believe that too much.

"health is unable to use passhis or quick change of" morning exercise and i every day is important, thoroughlydrilled wanyan pebrine hanpo qigong after penetration and a nice hot bath, and pleasant, energetic, there is no better than at the moment of enjoyment and happiness, with full power of duanhongjie staff to work, feel the boss's good mood, also boosted the morale, better performance; practicing qigong, let me more exuberant, manual of mental brain more flexible, decisive decision-making more correct, and it becomes more and more to do more.

Thanks to Dr Lee creation this set of qigong, but also to thank all the lecturers, give coach education, work, i would like to have more qigong recommend to friends and relatives, but also help me make money with these hard good worker, bring them to thrive, this is what i used to repay to Dr Lee and lecturers, coaches the best feedback.


Tainan District 11 coach training Mr LEE Ming - hsun(Construction general manager)

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