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You are here The training in super life itself of the chi kung The training in six attentions while practicing the exercise
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The training in six attentions while practicing the exercise

(A) It is essential to concentrate attention and guide energy while practicing the exercise

It is necessary to concentrate attention on activating the movements of the limbs, and leading blood and energy to normal circulation to improve the mental and physical health when practicing the exercise.


(B) It is essential to master the skill for cultivating energy and concentrate attention

It is necessary to be proficient in the skill to bring its function into full play and increase the energy. While practicing, the mind and attention must be concentrated on pubic region to control your breathing and cultivate energy. Only when breath follows attention closely and spirit is united with energy, it is beneficial to essence, energy and spirit.


(C) It is essential to practice the exercise by powerful strength tempered with gentle one

The bodily movements of practicing and handle the exercise dexterously should be conducted by intrinsic, flexible and gentle strength. Powerful strength should be tempered with gentle one, and the two kinds of strength should be applied in a corresponding way alternatively. It is not proper to use clumsy strength suddenly to exercise it.


(D) The most accomplished skill of the Chi Kung exercise is to conduct it with attention but seemingly inattention

His blood and energy must flow smoothly and would feel comfortable all over, if a practitioner exercises the Chi Kung to a certain degree. By this time, he should decrease the fluctuation of ideas in his mind further. He will conduct his movements according to his free will. He will not concentrate his attention on them any longer. He gathers his energy with an intention in his mind, and finally his energy will train itself with no intention in his mind.


(E) If your accomplishments in the exercise reach the peak, the spirit and energy will be always with you

The enhancement of the training in the spirit and energy lies in cultivating spirit to benefit energy, which keeps the orifices of the body open without obstruction, spirit sensitive, blood and energy full, internal organs stable, and spirit and energy following each other, depending on each other and utilizing each other.


(F) If your accomplishments in the exercise are perfect, conducting it with no attention is superior to doing it with attention

If you'd like to enhance spirit and energy, you must get rid of the bad ideas in your consciousness constantly to make your mind clean and clear and your disposition brilliant. You should not confine yourself in a place and restrict yourself to a solvent. You should broaden your mind to the extent that it is as boundless as the upper space. So you will have no intention, no selfishness, no confinement, no persistence, and no ego. you will have a cheerful mind in the unobstructed human life, which names “perfection of achievements”.