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The Four Spiritual Mottos of the Chi Kung - Health, Happiness, Harmony and Benefaction

  • Only if you are healthy, you can see hope and future.
  • Only if you are happy, you can create bliss and perfection.
  • Only if you are harmonious, you can establish relationship and peace.
  • Only if you are beneficent, you can devote yourself philanthropically to others.

(A) Others' Physical and Mental Health as the Essential Part of Life

To prevent the disease is better than to cure it. The disease occurrence is the consequence of the interaction between the body and the mind. The mind can't exercise its function without the activities of the body. The body can't exercise its function without the activities of the mind. The activities of the mind always depend on the body, therefore the bad activities and behaviors of the body and the mind are the main cause of the disease.

Firstly, the damage of the mind causes the malfunction of the internal organs. Si-Miau Sun, a famous doctor of Tang dynasty, says that in this world, it is unavoidable for human being to experience bad or good luck, good or bad omen, bitterness or happiness, safety or danger, joy or anger, love or hatred, life or death, sorrow or fear. What you care are countless. The ways you make a living are innumerable. You pass the day in this way every day. Therefore you can't live without sorrow or joy just as it is impossible for the day to pass without winter and summer. In the natural world and the society, the seven states of mind constantly appear and disappear in your mind in turn. The mental fluctuation of seven emotions such as joy, anger, anxiety, thoughts, sorrow, fear and surprise, the fluctuation of emotional behaviors such as the dissatisfaction of the present reality, the struggle for fame and gain, the unsatisfied desire, the infinite desire, the unaccomplished wish, the exceeding strain, the uneasy mind, no appetite and insomnia and the affective behaviors such as sadness, sorrow, anger, greed, hatred, envy, anxiety, panic, melancholy, the mental obstacles of uneasiness and overdone passions are all the cause of the bad reflection of mental and physical behaviors, which lead to the serious disorder of mind and body and have bad influence upon your health increasingly.

Naturally aging phenomenon: When people is over 50 years old, his yang-chi is declining, his energy is losing, his mental and physical strength is retreating gradually, he is suffering from forgetfulness, he leads an idle life, he feels restless, he is inactive, he fails to finish doing things completely, he is apt to be angry, he is eccentric, tasteless, and sleepless. All of these indicate that the body and the mind are becoming old and feeble as time passes by. These natural aging phenomena will bring about a series of changes of sensational and psychological activities, for instance the susceptibilities, such as vision, feeling, sense of hearing, smell, taste or touch, etc., are reduced, slow in reaction, even become apathetic.

To prevent the physical or psychological disease, you must have the ability to regulate and control the activity of moods with your own will, to avoid the attack of the disease-incurring factors from nature, such as wind, cold, heat, wet dry, fire in the nick of time and to pay attention to your own living, diet, sleep and nursing your own health etc. So it is necessary for you to study a set of good methods to take care of your own health. The first step is to look after and manage your own health. Only you are in good health, you have the ability to concern the weak and then look after others.

Money has a price, Health is above price, and life is limitless. Life loses the meaning of existence without good health. A western proverb says: the man who doesn't know the importance of the health is the most unwise person. In order to let the abundant energy of the life flow through the body without obstruction, to let the energy of the life liberate the strangulation on self-thoughts and free from negative thinking ideas and the violence of the languages and behaviors to reach the purity of the soul and the healthy balance of the body and the mind, we take the biological energy medical chi-kung as a guiding principle to train the body and develop the potential energy of the life. Thus life would be out of order no longer and the hope and the future of the life could come in sight.

To improve your own health is the only way to rescue yourself and keep yourself far away from the profound nightmare.
An old saying says: “ a sickly man is neglected by old friends. A man with serious and prolonged illness is estranged by his family members. A man with long illness has no filial son. No one knows the agony. ”
We should cultivate the spirit of perseverance and train the sturdy patience and physical strength to confront illness and the handicapped body, achieve the exploit of being a benefactor to society and benefiting the people, give play to limitless potentials and intelligence, put yourself in others' place with a merciful love, propagate the exercise, teach it or practice it in others' company for nothing to benefit their lives and help those who suffer from agony in mind and body to leave sufferings for happiness. In the end, everybody enjoys physical and mental health and every family enjoys a happy and perfect family life.


(B) Happiness, Joy and Ease as the Foundation of Life

Healthy body is the source of happiness. Dim life sees no happy face. We advocate the joy of the balance of mind and body and psychological and physical self-discipline should be enforced at the same time. The ailment of body would cause the psychological uneasiness and spiritual obstacle. The disturbed state of mind would bring about the disorders of the internal organs. The discipline of chi-kung mentality doesn't have the only psychological and physiological problem absolutely. Both of them complement and are related each other. The most important thing is that the balance of mind and body, harmony and happiness are their foundation.

If you let six sensory organs such as the eyes, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind and their carnal pleasures agitate each other without restraint, the seven emotions such as joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate and desire and the six sensory pleasures will be excessively elevated and you will live the life of violence and massacre, stealing and robbery, excessive lust, abusive and absurd speech, profane and two-tongued expressions, greed and hatred, wishful and evil thoughts, drug and alcohol abuse, deceit and wicked gamble every day. Love and desire will be your fetters. Your life will be filled with bitterness and drug taking. You will feel dead tired both physically and mentally. You will be a slave to affection and will fall into the abyss of the sin. It is impossible for you to be aware of the state of affairs yourself, extricate yourself from the difficulties and know how to keep stable.

We should leave no stone unturned to practice the psychological activities ,which are most favorable to mental and physical health, to promote righteousness, straight intentions, pure notions, honesty, clean opinions, wholesome ideas and the nature of conscience and innate ability of valuing etiquette and justice, knowing honest and shame and bearing disgrace ourselves.

We should unify essence and spirit, develop body and mind with equilibrium and live healthily, happily, joyfully and freely through the discipline of mentality, the practice of bone, marrow, skin, flesh and muscle and the drill of the vital organs inside human body.

We should nurture a joy-filled heart. We should unfold the place between the eyebrows and always keep a smile on the face. To smile is the heartiest welcome. Open your mind, stop holding on to your own point of view stubbornly, free all of your pressures, liberate your sense of urgency and loose your chest and belly, then you will have a clear head and get intelligent wisdom.

We should bring the joy-filled heart into human world; give people happiness, pleasure, hope and confidence; clear away the haze of the human nature; turn the dark into the brilliant; make them feel at ease and happy at any time. Everybody lives a dignified, confident and promising life and creates a happy, blissful, successful, unrestrained and uncontaminated human world.


(C) The Harmony between the Society and I as the Body of Life

Human being and all God's creation are vitally interrelated. The personal life is one of the colonies of all God's creation. They form a community of life. So they must be synchronous and harmonious in no time. They must live together and prosper together. They must coexist in peace and develop with equilibrium. There always exist psychological interactions among people, therefore, human being should establish a psychological environment of the interpersonal relationships, strengthen the cultivation of his own moral character and the nurture of his own nature, train the noble sentiment of personality and show others your respect, confirmation and trust. So we can stand on our own feet in the society, create the harmonious behaviors of human peace, a stable society, people's livelihood, mutual profit and pleasure, no conflicts, no antagonism, mutual respect, tolerance, mercy, pity, cooperation, reciprocal love, shared trust and bilateral understanding together, and then enrich the life with truth, virtue and beauty and realize the high realm of the harmonious society.

Just watch the mountains and the rivers in the earth, the cool breeze, the bright moon and the floating clouds, how graceful and free they are to come and go without any restraint. Just watch that mountains stand high up to the sky naturally without striving for the height and rivers, holding themselves aloof from other rivers, flow into the seas naturally. They don't compete with each other. They don't admire others' height. Just watch that flowers blossom in spring. The Moon Festival comes in autumn. Cool breeze blows in summer. Snow falls in winter. All God's creation strives for nothing and circulates in an orderly and natural way.

Just think that life is capricious. The current affairs of the world are variable. We should learn to live a common, uncompetitive, harmonious and serene life for it is the metaphysically extreme goal to live warmly, satisfactorily, blissfully and happily. The paradise is right in view. The happy land of the human world is right with you at the moment.


(D)Services for others as an object and a pleasure in life

 We should regard services for others as an object and a pleasure in life and we also should regard being a permanent volunteer for the society as an honor in life. Philanthropy and benefaction have no borders, no bounds and no demarcation. No matter where the difficulties happen and no matter how small your help is, it is the greatest dedication to extend your assistance and concern to those who are in urgent need at the right time and the right place mercifully, sympathetically and considerately.

It is not necessary for a person to chase huge wealth or a high-ranking position with great power in life. It is the greatest benefaction and charity for an able person to dedicate his / her study and ability to the society with wisdom and truth to improve it, create the social welfare shared by everyone and enhance humane quality to guide the society toward peace and harmony and to make it prosperous, vigorous, brilliant and progressive, in which the people live and work in peace and contentment.

Among thousands of benefaction, the most important one is to give charities. Practicing charity means abandoning, willing to give up, willing to let go, willing to pay and converting frugality into charity. Buddha indicates: Wish that all living creatures could part from bitterness. Do not seek comfort and happiness for yourself. What you do is to benefit all living creatures, to take pity on the world and to assist them in liberating the agony and getting pleasure.

The underlying intention of practicing Chi-Kung is to train yourself in tolerance, mercy and willing to abandon. You should have a joyful heart to speak well of others, do good deeds and lay the good basis for future relationship everywhere. Just as the sun shines and water irrigates the earth for the benefit of all God's creation unselfishly, the coaches of the bio-energy medical Chi-Kung sport, who adhere to the spirit of passing on the ideas and bring the philanthropic faith into full play, volunteer to contribute their time, money, spirit, physical strength and wisdom to train newcomers tirelessly and earnestly day and night with the most realistic action for nothing.

Paying without any complaint and repentance, they sacrifice themselves for the society and give heath, happiness, optimism and laughter to those who suffer from illness and agony, from which they get still more spiritual support and comfort. Spreading philanthropy with real actions, they practice beneficence and give charities to the world positively to mend the imperfect world with the great mercy and understanding in mind together.