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About Biological Energy Medical Chi Kung

The Purpose of Establishing the Center

This bio-energy medical Chi-Kung research center is established to assist the government in popularizing the social education, promoting the body-building Chi-Kung sport for all the people in the world, advocating skill and virtue in martial arts to practice their bodies and cultivate their characters, fostering the philanthropic and dedicative spirit of great wisdom, great benevolence, great bravery and great mercy in order to substantiate the cultivation of humane accomplishments.

The practice of this sport is also aimed to make it an essential part of life, make it artistic, make everyone understand the importance of self- health care and the prevention of the disease and make them actually reach physical and mental health, happiness, the higher quality of the life, the further promotion of spiritual civilization, and a happier and more auspicious society. Everyone practices moral teachings, cultivates benevolence and does the good deeds to build a philanthropic society.


The Origin of Establishing the Center

Dr. Jeng-Tzong Lii knows very well that no matter how the social environment changes, the individual must change himself/herself first. The best way to prevent the diseases is to train your own body and mind. No other medicine can be a substitute for training your body. To train your body can displace any other medicine. Therefore the only way to rescue yourself and keep yourself from the pressure and illness is to improve your own health. It is absolutely helpful for the people to make the most use of time to do the exercise which benefits your body.

Dr. Lii does his utmost to advocate everybody should keep physical and mental health, every family should live a happy, peaceful and unemployed life, and the society should be kept in a happy and auspicious state. In order to reach the lofty goal, Dr. Lii established “ The society of traditional culture and education in Tainan city ” on March 18, 1980, which was approved by Tainan City Government. Dr. Lii is elected president. By means of the strength of the group, He popularizes the traditional culture and the courtesy education of the ethics, which is helpful to people to train their self control, to promote the intensions of one's soul and mind and the progress of the humane harmony on one hand.

On the other hand, Dr. Lii spends decades of years immersing himself in creating the sport to develop the body care sport. He tries his best to make Chi Kung an essential part of people's life, artistic, popular, and a sport. He has given Chi Kung lessons during his term of office as president of the society of traditional culture and education in Tainan city. During the time, there are five groups of graduates. The first group of students graduated on July 30 1992. The fifth group of students graduated on February 18, 1994. The Chi Kung sprouted from then on.


The Course of Development

On an accidental occasion, Dr. Lii visited one of his friends living in Nantou County, Taiwan in the middle of July, 1992. His friend accompanied him to Black Jade temple, located in Ming-Chian Village, to visit Mei-Ju Liu, abbess of the temple and communicate with her about how to go through the religious discipline freely. At first meeting, he found Miss liu had a great knowledge about the philosophy of life. Dr. Lii was deeply impressed by her surprising acquirements about the mind. It is quiet and beautiful around the temple. The cloud and mist moves around in a slender and delicate way every afternoon. The air in the valley is pure and fresh in the morning. The breeze strokes the face, the heart and lungs, which makes people completely relaxed and happy. It is really a good place to do the exercise. At that moment his affinity with philosophy existed deeply in his mind. Since that time, the Chi Kung sport is growing vigorously in every parts of Taiwan. The first committee of Promotion was firstly established in Nantou County.

After more than ten years of effort, it is vigorously growing nowadays. The Committees of Promotion are established one after another in Nantou district, Tainan district, Changhua district, Yuanlin district, Taipei district, Sinyin district, Penghu district, Kaohsiung district, Taichung district, and Taitung district etc. A lot of groups practice the Chi Kung exercise here and there in every district. In order to become a Chi Kung coach, many students take part in the courses for a coach after finishing basic training. The cadre, the instructors and the coaches are all devoted to promoting and teaching the sport freely, unselfishly and enthusiastically. Their benevolence favors the public philanthropically.


The Prospect

The Chi Kung sport was presented to the public in 1992. Owing that its design is based on the kinetic mechanics of human body, its motions are scientific and physiological. Because it is easy to learn, easy to understand, quick to gather energy, strong to feel the sense of energy, safe to exercise and hard to get hurt, it really is a series of popular health-care sport suitable for the people of all ages, If the person doing the exercise can persevere, it can stimulate his latent energy and improve his antibodies to the extent that the human body could bring the function of automatic adjustment into full play to change abnormality to normality. It can help the rehabilitations of many functional and organic diseases in taking a favorable turn.

These decades, Dr. Lii is devoted to popularizing the Chi Kung for the good health of the public, exploring the secrets of the soul, and advocating the four major spiritual ideas of health, happiness, harmony and benefaction, which is deeply approved by the people and is well accomplished. He has ever been to many places in the world to advocate the health-caring sport. He popularizes the sport, which raises an upsurge in Taiwan and trains more than thousand coaches. They spread and teach it everywhere. The population of those who do the exercise have reached more than tens of thousands people up to now. In order that the Chi Kung sport can be passed down, with a philosophic love and a dauntless spirit, the instructors and the coaches rush about in every large cities and villages on giving lessons, teaching how to practice the exercise, how to strengthen bodies, how to preserve good health, and how to prevent or reduce illnesses so that they may neglect meals and sleep, day and night, winter and summer, dawn and dusk, rain and shine, tiredness, difficulties, and danger. Not only do they improve the health of the whole people, but also they make enormous contributions to the well-being of mankind.

We respect the coaches for the great spirit of their devotion to helping the world and rescuing the mankind. We hope that those who do the exercise can be seen in every area, park, green land, or crowded community. We expect that the dreams of making the exercise an essential part of life and a popularized sport can come true sooner. We also hope that it can prevail in the whole country and be spread all over the world. In order to promote the physical and mental health of the mankind and help them in keeping away from diseases, we will train more instructors and coaches to serve the mankind. Let all of us be on the way toward establishing the society of the physical and mental health hand in hand.