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You are here The training in super life itself of the chi kung The training in super-psychological spirit
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The training in super-psychological spirit

The training in the personal insight of boundless way of nature

(A) The great way has no bounds and no traces

The Great Way of Nature is unreal, insubstantial, and void. It has no color, no trace, no sound, no odor, no bounds, no inside or outside part, and no barrier. It is extremely wide and extremely large. Nothing is wrapped in it, though it is so large; nothing is wrapped in it, though it is so small. It is extremely unreal, extremely void, extremely static, and extremely spiritual. It is extremely empty and profoundly static. Eternity is always with it, though it is always quiet.


(B) Original nature has no form and no ego

Original nature has no vision, no form, no ego, no action, no intention, no idea, no arrival, no departure, no anxiety, no barrier, no birth, no extermination, no dirt, no cleanness, no increase, no decrease, no righteousness, no wickedness, no right, no wrong, no eternal circle of birth and death, no treatment, no senses, and no worldly thoughts. Original nature is unreal. Emptiness is void. Brightness is free of delusion.


(C) A man is integral part of nature

Originally, the Way of Nature is extremely void, extremely static, and extremely empty. Emptiness is not empty. There is something subtle in the emptiness. Nothing is interwoven with something. It flows fluently through the sense. They are complementary in reinforcement. They are complementary in action. The energy of nature and men are both inbred. They prevail together. They inhale and exhale each other. Men exist in the air. The air exists in men. They help each other in growing. They inhale and exhale continuously. Spirit and energy live together. Spirit is always embraced in calmness. Spirit is always kept in emptiness. Spirit is pure in emptiness. The spirit goes deeply into the fathomless universe, lives in the same body with it, and becomes its integral part.


(D) Train yourself in refusing the external temptations

Do not look at what you should not see. Do not hear what you should not hear. Do not speak what you should not speak. Do not do what you should not do. Do not think of what you should not think of. Further, Do not see what you look at. Turn a deaf ear to what you hear. Do not look; Do not listen; Do not think; Do not stir the heart emotionally; Do not labor the body; Do not roam to waste the essence; Do not consider painstakingly; Refuse the temptation of the external environment. Do not keep the past in mind constantly; Do not keep the present in mind constantly; Do not keep the future in mind constantly. Keep yourself beyond material reality. The gathering energy, the concentrated spirit, and God’s Way will be really integrated together by getting rid of the external temptations and all thoughts with an immaculate mind and absolute calmness and cleanness.


(E) To witness and realize life itself

The great way of the inner training in essence is that do not let what you see and hear disturb your views on things and train your spirit back into emptiness; feel at ease and calm after losing fame and money; cultivate the spirit and energy constantly by enjoying yourself with persistence on the emptiness; let the spirit maintain discreet distance from the flesh; let the spirit seem to stay in the flesh and again not to stay in it; let the spirit seem to exist and again not to exist; no wrong thoughts are in your mind; keep the energy in your body by forgetting its existence; keep your mind and body in a nebulous, unclear, and fathomless state, in which you seem to know but again not to know with nothing in your mind and beyond material reality, your breath is long and continuous, your carnal pleasures are converted into nothing, you will be conscious that all God’s creatures are empty and the spirit will be cheerful in the space of unobstructed life world.
To witness and realize the vastness of the universe and personal smallness through inner training to make the spirit transcend carnal desires, and then permeate through the surroundings into the empty life itself with an easy and comfortable mind, All perception, cognizance, and self-persistence should be all detached. If so, such a mind of distinction as right and wrong, good and evil, and truth and falsehood etc. will not exist. The opposite between subjectivity and objectivity will disappear, but also all of the opposite things will be contained and the supreme mind of the harmony among men and things will be created after training. Ultimately, everything will return to original nature.